Advocacy & Representation

The Association, through Principals, Board Members, office staff, and teachers from Member Schools, represents the interests of Independent Schools, Independent Education, and the Association on a wide variety of committees, consultative groups and boards, including:

 National Representation

  • ACARA Curriculum Directors’ Group
  • Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Professional Growth Network
  • Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) Board
  • ISCA Executive Directors Council (EDCO)


ACT Representation

ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS)

  • BSSS Board
  • BSSS Curriculum Advisory Group
  • BSSS Accreditation Advisory Group
  • BSSS Vocational Education and Training (VET) group


  • ACT Cross Sectoral Education Committee
  • ACT Curriculum Implementation Committee (ACIC)
  • ACT Curriculum Advisory Group
  • ACT ACIC Professional Learning Committee
  • Communities of Practice (various)
  • ANU Secondary College
  • Curriculum Coordinators Committee
  • NAPLAN Online Project Board
  • NAPLAN Online Cross Sector working group

 Schools for All

  • Cross sectoral Everyone Everyday Committee
  • Improving education outcomes for students in out of home care Committee
  • Schools for All Project Board
  • Schools for All Program Working Group
  • Schools for All Working Group – Project 5: Professional Learning and Support for Staff
  • Student Voice Forum Committee

Teacher Quality Institute

  • TQI Board
  • TQI Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC)
  • TQI Professional Learning Advisory Committee (PLAD)


  • ACT Animal Ethics Committee
  • ACT Block Grant Authority (BGA) Board
  • ACT BGA Priorities Committees
  • ACT Kidsmatter Committee
  • ACT Mind Matters Committee
  • ACT Positive Partnership Reference Group
  • NDIS Education and Employment Working Group
  • School Transport Liaison Committee
  • Sector Leaders group (ACT ED, CE, AISACT)
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