Independent Education in the ACT

Independent schooling has a long and proud history in Canberra, starting in the 1920s prior to the opening of (Old) Parliament House.

There is an extraordinary diversity in the type of school environment offered by Canberra’s 18 Independent Schools; size, gender, ethos, faith/religion and pedagogical approach. They include Christian, Anglican, Catholic, Islamic, Steiner, Montessori and Community based schools. Initiatives to create new independent schools, or to expand existing ones, are based on demand from the Canberra community.

All ACT independent schools operate under the ACT Education Act 2004 and with the Australia Education Act 2013. The ACT Education Act 2004 provides the principles under which non-government schooling operates in the ACT:

  • The non-government schools sector consists of schools from a range of difference educational and religious philosophies
  • The variety of schools in the sector reflects the diversity of the community in the ACT and the preferences of parents for a particular style of education for their children
  • The non-government schools sector is committed to –
    • Developing the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual welfare of its students
    • Innovation, diversity and choice
    • Maximizing student outcomes
    • Teacher, parent and student participation in all aspects of school education
    • Promoting the partnership between home and school
    • Preparing students for their full participation in all aspects of a democratic society

ACT independent school also comply with a range of legal requirements necessary to ensure quality education provision.

For an overview and information on independent education in Australia please visit the Independent Schools Council of Australia’s website.

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