AISACT NCCD Moderation Session

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    Belconnen Premier Inn
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    Professional Learning Students with Disability

This moderation session is designed to support schools in the implementation of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) by providing an opportunity to compare data collection tools and judgements on levels of adjustments amongst Member Schools. This process will assist schools to assess students against the benchmarks.

Who should attended?

  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Directors of Teaching/Heads of Curriculum/Heads of Departments
  • Special Education teachers
  • School psychologist/counsellors

What do I bring?

  • 4x hard copy de-identified student folios that sit at the threshold of an adjustment level (e.g. between supplementary and substantial)
  • Folios should include supporting evidence and be an example of the recording process currently used

What will the day involve?

The day will consist:

  • An update session which will outline any changes to the NCCD process in the recent months
  • A calibration exercise to ensure that all attendees have a common understanding of the adjustment levels
  • Two moderation sessions where attendees will discuss in small groups, student folios and the adjustment level the student best aligns with
  • Sharing and analysis of processes currently used. This provides an opportunity for attendees to view a range of processes and note practice for future consideration in their own schools.
  • An opportunity to ask AISACT staff any unresolved questions in regards to the NCCD. AISACT staff will then use these questions to develop a list of FAQs to add to the AISACT NCCD information pack.

For more information please contact Louise Avent, Administration and Project Officer

AISACT NCCD Moderation Session
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