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Census procedures manual

Below is a copy of the updated Census Procedures Manual that provides information on the procedures and processes for the February 2017 census. The manual is also available on the Directorate website via the Non-Government education section.


Submission and sign off of census information

Census information needs to be submitted to the Directorate by close of business Wednesday 15 February 2017. Information is to be submitted electronically through the Non-Government education page on the Directorate website and by following the instructions outlined in Sections 5 and 6 of the Census Procedures Manual.

Please note that when students are enrolled, the student’s existing ACT Student Identifier should be used if the student has previously been enrolled elsewhere in the Canberra school system (rather than allocating a new identifier).

Soon after the Directorate has received and processed the raw census information, a summarised version will be sent to each school for final verification and signoff.  This information will then be included in the Canberra school census publication.


Auditing process

Schools are asked to keep a copy of the reports detailed in Sections 7, 8 and 9 of the Census Procedures Manual in line with record keeping requirements and to support the reported census return. Schools may be selected for audit and if so will be notified two days prior to the audit.

For further information on the February census please contact the Performance and Systems Section by phone on 6205 1845 or by email to

Non-Government School 2017 ACT Government Census Manual

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