Critical Incidents Report


Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Capital Territory and the Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AISACT), the Executive Director of AISACT will report to the Minister twice each year on the number and nature of critical incidents that have occurred in Independent Schools in the preceding 6 months.  The Board had agreed in March 2015 to provide the office of AISCACT with information regarding Critical Incidents, which would then be de-identified and collated to report to the Minister.


Schools are asked to complete the following table and return to Andrew Wrigley

This information will de-identified, collated and reported to the Minister. A response from all Member Schools is required.

Definition of Critical Incident (as defined in the MoU):

means an event that causes severe impact to the school, such as significant disruption to the school routine, an emergency management situation, or threat to the safety of students and staff.  It may be sudden or protracted, extremely dangerous, involve police or emergency services personnel, and generally be outside the normal range of experience or expectation of the people affected.

A critical incident may involve:

  • a siege/hostage situation
  • terrorist activity
  • natural disaster – bushfire, flood, earthquake, severe storm
  • a bomb threat
  • a lock down, evacuation or temporary closure
  • suspicious disappearance or suspicious removal of a student
  • death on campus or at a school activity.

Critical Incident Report Form

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