Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Academy


The AISACT Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Academy (LNCA) Program 2018 provides the opportunity for AISACT Member schools to further embed coaching as an approach to professional learning and instructional change. Through the provision of professional learning for an additional or replacement coach from the school site, and ongoing support from an AISACT mentor, schools can expand their coaching approach for school change and select a second focus for coaching aligned to the school strategic plan and contextual goals.

The AISACT LNCA Program  2018 will enable schools to expand upon, and embed, a process for school instructional development that can be utilised to address identified school needs. Through the expansion and embedding of the coaching process, and the collection of instructional data, schools will have the capacity to measure improvements in current instructional focus areas, while identifying future needs of students and teachers. STEM has been included in 2018 as a choice for a school’s  instructional focus.

Who should be involved?

The AISACT LNCA Program Expansion 2018 would be purposeful where:

  • Schools wish to extend or ensure continuance of coaching reach within the school context
  • There is a clear instructional focus to school improvement
  • There is a desire to build capacity across a number of teachers to implement this instructional focus
  • There is a desire to build a community of professional learning where groups of teachers work collegially to build capacity through a shared instructional goal
  • Schools wish to support teachers through instructional change
  • Schools wish to provide a teacher/s with the opportunity to engage as a coach and develop practices at the later career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

What is involved?

  • Schools will nominate a school coach/es to continue to build and expand a sustainable coaching approach, in collaboration with school leadership, to support the instructional or pedagogical change that is the school focus.
  • Schools will identify an instructional literacy of numeracy focus for the coaching process that is appropriate for their context.
  • Coaches will continue to support teachers to build their capacity to implement the selected instructional focus through the use of collaborative and reflective coaching approaches. Coaches will evidence and inform their work through data collection and will plan strategically with leaders and teachers to deepen and sustain the coaching process.
  • Coaches will be supported to develop the skills and strategies required for their coaching roles through their participation in profession learning and support from an AISACT coaching mentor.

Professional Learning will be provided as follows:

  • Professional Learning

Coaches will have access to all face to face workshops and the Teaching & Learning Sharing event (1 day), offering the opportunity to learn from an extensive groups of school coaches from across the AISACT sector.

  • Mentor Support

Coaches will have access to an AISACT mentor to support, guide and develop the coach’s ability to be successful and effective in their role and become strategic implementers of the coaching process. This support includes:

  • School visits
  • Email / phone support
  • Feedback for every action plan
  • Access to mentor as required by the coach
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