Other Wellbeing Programs

Positive Choices (Drug Education)

Bullying. No Way!

Positive Choices is an online portal to help school communities access accurate, up-to-date drug education resources and prevention programs.

Positive Choices was informed by input from teachers, parents and students across Australia, and was developed in collaboration by researchers from:

Bullying. No Way! and the National D​ay of Action against Bullying and Violence are managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Working Group. The SSSC includes representatives from the Commonwealth and all states and territories, as well as national Catholic and independent schooling representatives.

Breaking the Silence Program

Breaking the Silence is an award-winning professional learning initiative for principals and teachers that provides foundational knowledge, tools and strategies to implement respectful relationships and domestic violence education programs in schools.

The Program supports schools to bring about a commitment to stop violence against women. It builds on existing initiatives to strengthen a culture of respect and equality at all levels of the school community – through curriculum, role modelling from staff, policies and procedures, domestic violence education programs and strengthened family and community partnerships.

Everyone Everyday Program

Everyone Everyday aims to create a cultural shift in community attitudes towards disability and difference. Students participating in the program gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to take personal and collective action to enhance the inclusion of people with disability, especially children, in everyday life. The underlying principle is we all benefit when the environments in which we work, live and play are inclusive; and that we all have a role to play in creating inclusive communities.

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