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On 18th November 2015, Minister for Education and Training Ms Joy Burch MLA released the ‘Schools for all Children and Young People’ Report, the report of the Expert Panel established by the Minister to review Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviours. The Expert Panel, Chaired by Professor Tony Shaddock, along with Sue Packer and Alasdair Roy, undertook extensive consultation across schools from all three sectors in the ACT, speaking with students, teachers, principals, stakeholder groups and offices, and highlighted the great work currently being done in schools for students with complex needs and challenging behaviours.

AISACT, the Education Directorate and Catholic Education considered and provided comment to each recommendation. As a body representing 18 Independent Schools that are separate and autonomous organisations, the Association noted the recommendations which included Independent Schools, and will work with individual schools where appropriate to provide information and support in consideration of the recommendations.

Schools for All – Expert Panel Report

Schools for All – Government Response

Overview of the 26 recommendations that mention AISACT or Independent Schools

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2016 End of Year Report

Schools for All Program: Responding to the needs of children and young people in Canberra Schools – 2016 Report


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