AATE & ALEA 2023 National Conference


Date : 01/07/23 - 04/07/2023
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

ACTion to impACT
English and literacy that Empowers

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Language and literature are transformative. They uplift, inspire, provoke, and connect. Or not.

This conference will bring together educators, academics, leaders and authors to explore the role English and literacy play in empowering ourselves, our learners and our profession.

Empowering through:

Words & Stories
Words are powerful, stories inspire action, and innovative pedagogies create impact.

Voices & Communities
Voices enable all to be heard. They create and uplift communities to make the world a more inclusive place, where diversity is celebrated and pedagogies of possibility abound.

Visuals & Viewpoints
Visuals provoke, challenge and inspire viewpoints. They speak across and between cultures and empower learners to expand their connection and contribution to the world.

Our voices have power, our stories have power, and our pedagogies have a powerful impact. How do you make an impact on your learners and our profession?