AISACT 2020 Evidence into Action Workshop Series


Date : 25/02/20 - 25/02/2020
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

AISACT 2020 Evidence into Action Workshop Series

Workshop #1: Using the Implementation Plan to turn evidence into action (0.5 day)

This workshop will investigate the hierarchy of evidence (Deeble & Vaughan, 2018) and the latest evidence within the Teaching & Learning Toolkit , including a focus on feedback, metacognition and self-regulation. Educators will write a plan to structure a change in their school based on evidence through the Implementation Plan (Sharples, Albers, Fraser, Deeble, & Vaughan, 2019; Vaughan, Shaples, & Borton, 2019). The workshop will prompt participants to use the implementation plan as a road map for an improvement journey, and assist educators to answer these important questions:

  • Why – the issue you want to address
  • What – the approach you want to implement – active ingredients of the intervention
  • How – implementation activities (fidelity, acceptability)
  • How well – the implementation outcomes (short, medium and long term)
  • So what – the changes you hope to see – the student outcomes (short, medium and long term).

(For AISACT Leadership, MIddle Management and Instructional Coaching teams. Registration via