Promoting Self-Regulated Learning 2023-2024 Program


Date : 08/05/23
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The program consists of the rigour of a university course with the more practical elements of a school-based professional learning program. Participants will engage in dynamic discussion with other like-minded professionals, delve into academic research in cognitive psychology and begin to conduct their own action research. 

This professional learning consists of four core learning themes. Each theme will involve learning tasks that require each participant to engage with relevant literature and practical based tasks.  

Theme 1: Applications of motivational science  

Theme 2: Understanding and enhancing cognitive processes of learning.  

Theme 3: Metacognition, the reflective practitioner and self-regulated learning  

Theme 4: Sustainability of teaching approaches and self-regulated learning.  

Micro Credentialling with University of Canberra post AISACT course completion being negotiated. 

Wed. 15 March = 5hrs 

Wed. 15 March: full day f2f workshop: Framing Directions – Conceptual introduction and generation of guiding questions 

  • Monday 6 April: online modules 1 and 2 released 
  • Monday 8 May: group coaching session 
  • Monday 29 June: online modules 3 and 4 released 
  • Monday 31 July: group coaching session 
  • Monday 21 September: online modules 5 and 6 released 
  • Monday 23 October: group coaching session 
  • Wednesday 8 November: participation in AISACT Celebrating Teaching & Learning event