Workshop 4 for the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities Workshop Series


Date : 30/10/19
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dr Tracey McAskill joins AISACT again in 2019 to ‘flip the Australian Curriculum cube’, this time exploring the curriculum through the dimension of the General Capabilities.

This is the final workshop in the 2019 series.

Workshop 4: Delivering on Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding (TQI accredited – 2 hrs)

(For AISACT primary & secondary teachers)

These general capabilities that focus on equipping students to ‘live’ in a complex, plural and dynamic world, are not strongly represented in the content of the Australian Curriculum. This workshop unpacks these capabilities and explores ways that teachers can support students to develop these capabilities, particularly through their selection of topics, teaching strategies and resources. The goal is to provide teachers with the tools to meaningfully incorporate this learning without adding to what they need to teach in order for students to achieve the standard. As with the other workshops, ways to incorporate the capabilities in whole school planning are explored.

More information is available here: 2019_The Australian Curriculum_General Capabilities workshop series

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