Canberra Grammar School

Member School

Canberra Grammar School is an Independent Anglican School offering outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care to day and boarding students of all backgrounds and faiths within a community guided by Christian values.

The School is in the process of becoming fully co-educational. It educates boys from Pre-School to Year 12 and is currently extending its offering to girls, who have been educated in the Primary School since 1975 and who will now be represented across the range of School life by 2020.

At Canberra Grammar School, we aspire for our students to be intelligent, innovative and international; to be confident, creative and compassionate young leaders of the future.

The School respects and nurtures all students as individuals, seeking to inspire, support and celebrate the efforts of all in realising their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social and physical aspirations.

Building on the professional expertise of its staff, the commitment of its community and the resources of the nation’s capital, Canberra Grammar School aims to be the most dynamic and distinctive centre of learning in Australia.