Canberra Montessori School

Member School

Canberra Montessori School is a non-profit school in Holder for children aged 18 months to 12 years. The Montessori method of education guides individualised learning where each child is free to explore, create and be challenged intellectually in an environment where specially designed materials capture the child’s interest.

The teaching staff at Canberra Montessori School are specially trained in Montessori philosophy, methods and materials for the age group they are teaching. The prepared environments are based on three year age groups. The children are offered the opportunity for ‘free choice’ of self-directed activity within a three hour work cycle. Montessori theory and practice leads children through concrete experiences to progressively more abstract levels. The Canberra Montessori School (CMS) offers an authentic Montessori experience to every child, and believe that when children are placed in a prepared environment they are capable of great work.

Children begin their journey at CMS in the parent – toddler environment at the age of 18 months, where parents learn to foster their child’s independence. By the time the child has left at the end of cycle 3, at 12 years of age, they emerge as confident, joyful scholars. They enjoy the process of discovery and it is truly this passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.
“Education should not limit itself to seeking new methods for a mostly arid transmission of knowledge: its aim must be to give the necessary aid to human development.”
Maria Montessori, “From Childhood to Adolescence”.