Check In CBR app

Date : 26 June 2022

You will be aware that from 6 March it became a public health requirement that all restricted activities (for example, sporting activities) use the Check in CBR app. This will support contact tracing should there be a COVID-19 case in the community.

While schools are not restricted activities, it is recommended that schools should have a unique Check In CBR QR code at entry points.  For your information, all ACT Government schools are now required to register and display a  QR Code at entry points.

All visitors to a school should be encouraged to use the CBR QR Code to check in every time they attend a school site, including parents, visitors, staff from other schools and community users.  This requirement does not include staff based at the school site, or students.  It is also recommended that normal school sign in arrangements continue.

Schools are not required to monitor whether visitors during school hours are using the app.

Use of the Check In CBR app is compulsory for hirers of school facilities outside of school hours such as sporting groups, language schools and religious organisations.  The relevant hirer is responsible for ensuring use of the app.  The community hirer does not need a specific QR Check In – they should use the school’s QR check in as ACT Health need to access the site data to allow for possible contact tracing.

Schools might wish to consider having multiple QR codes if they have facilities such as theatres, halls, sporting facilities etc that have their own entrances and are used frequently by members of the public or community groups.

If you have not previously done so, registering is a simple online process at .  Your school will then be sent a pack containing posters with a QR code for display at entrance points.


Use of the Check in CBR app to check into venues is required by law for people 16 and over.

While this does not apply for students and staff attending their usual schools, staff and students over 16 should now check into external venues – for example when attending excursions, swimming carnivals and sporting venues.

If a student doesn’t have a phone, a friend or teacher can check them in, alternatively the Check in CBR app has a business profile where the venue/event organiser is also able to check in attendees via the Check in CBR app.

The app helps protect the community by assisting with faster contact tracing. Data is stored securely with ACT Health and only accessed if a confirmed case of COVID-19 is found in the community and contact tracing is required.

More information is available at