The AISACT Celebrating Teaching and Learning Event

Edited on December 13, 2018

The annual AISACT Celebrating Teaching and Learning Event, conceptualised and launched in 2015, provides an opportunity to hear about and discuss the extensive range of teaching and learning projects and programs that have occurred in Member Schools. Participants come together and celebrate the successes enjoyed, challenges met and lessons learned.


‘The power of teachers investigating their own practice.’
‘Deeply encouraged by inspirational teachers, leaders and presenters who deliver programs and approaches that inject fuel into pedagogy and contribute strongly to the quality teaching and learning in the ACT Independent schools.’


2018 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Presentations

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Chris De Britt_Driving Improvements in Teaching and Learning_Daramalan College

Jane O’Brien_AD ASTRA Program_Canberra Girls Grammar School

Janelle Horsington and Mai Vannavong_Portfolios in Languages_Canberra Girls Grammar School

Jocelyn James_Fostering Disagreement and Discussion in the Classroom_Covenant Christian School

Leanne McKenzie_Visual Thinking Strategies_Burgmann Anglican School

Lesli Findlay _Engagement in Science_Covenant Christian School

Lucy Cronan_Mentoring Early Career Teachers_Daramalan College

Matthew Calder, Donella Walker, Leigh Southwell_Global Water Issues Project_St Edmunds College

Melissa Musgrove_X2STEM_Canberra Girls Grammar School

Ruby Barber and Messina_Building a Maths Bridge between Primary and Secondary School_Canberra Grammar School

Sophie Peacock, Jenny Missen, Bronwyn Milgate_General Capabilities Observations_Daramalan College


‘There is much to celebrate in regards to the quality of teachers in AISACT schools.’
‘Lots of food for thought about great practice within schools.’


2017 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Presentations

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Breaking Patterns – Canberra Christian School

Entrepreneurs It’s Your Move – Canberra Girls Grammar School

Little Scientist STEM for ELC – Canberra Girls Grammar School

Participating in the Youth Parliament for Sustainability – Trinity Christian School

reSolve – Maths by Inquiry – Radford College and Canberra Girls Grammar School

Using movie stimulus and story maps in Geography – Canberra Girls Grammar School

‘I enjoyed the event and seeing colleagues, old and new, and from mine and other Independent Schools. What a positive time for us all.’


2016 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Presentations

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AISACT – Leadership and Innovation in Education – International Study Tour – Tim McNevin

Brindabella Christian College – The Thinking Frames Approach – Felicity McLure

Burgmann Anglican School – 3D Printing Program – Year 6 medal task – Belinda Chant and Alex Acworth

Canberra Girls Grammar School – English Genius Hour – Geoff Piggott

Canberra Girls Grammar School – Introducing STEM to an already crowed curriculum – Yvonne McGarry and Nicole Mackey

Canberra Montessori School – 3D Printing Program – Simple Machines – Tom Ransom and Vic Micallef

Daramalan College – Emerging Leaders – Health and Physical Education – Transitioning to the Aus Curriculum – Roy Jaques

Radford College – Building ICT Capability to adapt, evolve and innovate – Matthew Heinrich

The Anglican School Googong – Authentic Assessment for Authentic Learning – Ian Hewitt and Claire Dalziel