The AISACT Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Academy (LNCA)

Edited on December 05, 2018

Commencing in 2015, the AISACT Literacy and Numeracy Academy (LNCA) has provided a range of opportunities for AISACT Member schools to embed coaching as an approach to professional learning and instructional change. In 2018 STEM was added to the program.

In 2018 the program enabled schools to expand upon a process for school instructional development that can be utilised to address identified school needs. Through the embedding of the coaching process, and the collection of instructional data, schools further developed the capacity to measure improvements in current instructional focus areas, while identifying future needs of students and teachers.

What was involved?

  • Schools nominated a school coach/es to continue to build and expand a sustainable coaching approach, in collaboration with school leadership, to support the instructional or pedagogical change that is the school focus.
  • Schools identified an instructional literacy, numeracy or STEM focus for the coaching process that was appropriate for their context.
  • Coaches supported teachers to build their capacity to implement the selected instructional focus through the use of collaborative and reflective coaching approaches. Coaches evidenced and informed their work through data collection and planned strategically with leaders and teachers to deepen and sustain the coaching process.
  • Coaches were supported to develop the skills and strategies required for their coaching roles through their participation in professional learning and with support from an AISACT coaching mentor.



Angela Jones_The Importance of Reading Earnestly_Burgmann Anglican School

Chris Nairn_Focused and Free Writing_Islamic School of Canberra

Heike Craig and Millicent Henry_Access the Meaning of Texts_Daramalan College

Johanna O’Brien_Reading is Thinking_Radford College Nehmat Nikro_ Numeracy_Islamic School Canberra

Rebecca Hunter_Full Stop to Imagination_Burgmann Anglican School

Tony Crowe and Nick Mayo_Towards Creating a Positive Culture of Writing_Galilee School



Sunday Ciastkowski_Improving the Quality Writing_Canberra Christian School

Jane Crawford _Our Numeracy Coaching Journey_Canberra Girls Grammar School (Junior)

Bethany Farrell_Successful Spelling_Canberra Girls Grammar School (Junior)

Scott Suitor_Maths is Almost as Good as …._Canberra Grammar School (Junior)

Catherine Stuart_Reading Comprehension: Tracking Student Thinking_Canberra Grammar School (Senior)

Lesli Findlay_Dissecting Science Paragraphs_Covenant Christian School

Wendy Kerma_Painful Punctuation, Grizzly Grammar_Emmaus Christian School

Lisa Hivers & Anne Lemcke_ Galilee School _Creating a Positive Culture of Reading

Bruce Ferrington_The Power of the Quiet Word_Radford College (Junior)

Lisa Millar_Two Steps Forward…_St Edmund’s College

Matthew Bryce & Bronwyn Edwards_Moving the Mountain_Taqwa School

Amara Lawrance & Heather Hocking_Cultivating the Creation of Beautiful Work_The Anglican School Googong



Karina Luke_Deepening Love for Literacy_Trinity Christian School

Prue Sheargold & Sally Gibson_Keep Calm and Call An Instructional Coach_Burgmann Anglican School

Yvonne McGarry_Numeracy Coaching_Canberra Girls Grammar School (Senior)

Julia Davies-Duff_From Rocks to Roots: a Transformative Coaching Journey_Canberra Grammar School (Senior)

Kate Halcrow_Building Stronger Writers through the Power of Words_Canberra Grammar School (Junior)

Jocelyn James_ Our Coaching Experience_Covenant Christian School

Karyn Nimac_M & M Coaching_Daramalan College

Denise Sheehan_Cultivating Peer Conversation_Emmaus Christian School

Anne Lemke_The Journey Towards a Culture of Reading_Part One_Galilee School

Belinda Reitstatter_Writing in the 21st Century_Radford College (Junior)