Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Program: 2024 phase


Date : 06/03/24 - 13/11/2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Facilitated by Dr Shyam Barr, the program continues work from 2023. It consists of the rigour of a university course with the more practical elements of a school-based professional learning program. Participants will continue to engage in dynamic discussion with other like-minded professionals, delve into academic research in cognitive psychology and continue their own action research.

6 March workshop TQI = 5hrs     ($200 per registration)

Registration via:

Wednesday 6 March: full day F2F workshop: Promoting Self-Regulated Learning and Embedding Practice. Participants will unpack the cognitive component of the SRL knowledge framework, including information processing, encoding and retrieval strategies in support of student learning.


Online modules – ongoing


Coaching: regular school team sessions: dates to be negotiated.


Wednesday 13 November: participation in AISACT Celebrating Teaching & Learning event