Members Schools of AISACT meet formally four times each year.  Each Member School nominate two Representatives, one of whom must be the Principal, to attend these meetings

An Executive Committee is elected from the Members and includes the Chair, Deputy Chair, Immediate Past Chair, other Members, and Secretary (the Association’s Executive Director).

Executive Committee composition

Members of the Executive Committee are:

Chair: Dr Justin Garrick ( Canberra Grammar School)

Deputy Chair: Mr Steven Bowers ( Burgmann Anglican School)


  • Ms Heather Walsh (The Anglican School Googong)
  • Ms Christine Worth (Marist College Canberra)
  • Ms Samantha Brady (St Edmund’s College)
  • Mr Ian Hewitt ( Trinity Christian School)
  • Ms Anna Owen ( Canberra Girls Grammar School)
  • Ms Jacqui Lee ( Orana Steiner School)
  • Ms Rita Daniels, Immediate past Chair ( Daramalan College)
  • Mr Andrew Wrigley (Secretary, AISACT)


The Executive Committee has established four subcommittees. The primary objective of the subcommittees is to provide the Executive Committee with advice on strategies, opportunities and approaches in line with the AISACT strategic plan.

Chair of Teaching and Learning Subcommittee: Mr Erik Hofsink

Chair of Finance Subcommittee: Ms Heather Walsh

Chair of Educational Support Subcommittee: Mr Ian Hewitt

Chair of Early Years Subcommittee: Mr Andrew Wrigley