Galilee School

Member School

Communities@Work’s Galilee School is a registered, independent secondary school supporting young people for whom the mainstream schooling environment struggles to deliver positive learning outcomes. We empower at-risk and disadvantaged young people to engage in the social and economic life of their community by building understanding, resilience, health, life skills and self-efficacy. The school delivers the Australian Curriculum for years 7-10, focusing on empowering students to develop long-term resilience and resourcefulness. While meeting the demands of the Australian Curriculum, students also develop interpersonal and life skills. Teacher to student ratios of 5:1 and flexible indoor and outdoor learning environments encourage modern, evidence-based teaching strategies that respond to individual learning needs. Individual Learning Plans are developed and delivered via a flexible support model that is client-centred, strengths based, relationship driven and restorative. For most of our students, Communities@Work’s Galilee School is the only chance they have to complete a comprehensive education successfully.