Islamic School of Canberra

Member School

Islamic School of Canberra (ISC) is a registered co-educational school from Kindy to Year 10. ISC teaches quality curriculum in religious and academic education; thus providing each child with the necessary learning opportunities to develop their full spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical potential. The religious studies program seeks to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and spiritual awareness needed by students to understand themselves, their relationship with others and God. The academic program enables children to become lifelong learners and strives to equip students with the appropriate knowledge to become productive members of society. By following a curriculum which incorporates both religious and academic studies, the school has achieved excellent results both in terms of academic work and student behaviour.

We believe that each student is unique; therefore, we care for, respect and guide every child towards full development of his/her intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional potential.

In our teaching, we make every effort to instil and uphold Islamic principles and values while providing academic and religious education of the highest quality. ISC endeavours to create an environment that will encourage positive behaviours and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their school life.

Islamic School of Canberra provides opportunities for all students to develop to their full potential and encourage students to contribute actively towards the betterment of our Australian society and all humanity.