Evidence for Learning: COVID-19 home-supported learning.

Edited on March 30, 2020

Guidance, evidence and links to assist in home-supported learning.

Evidence for Learning has created a dedicated area to assist educators as they prepare for, and deliver, home-supported learning. It contains pages, regularly updated with:

  1. Clear and actionable guidance on home supported learning, based on relevant evidence from our Guidance Reports and the Toolkits.
  2. A new global evidence review and Australian-focused guidance on distance and online learning (developed in collaboration with led by our partners at the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation).
  3. directory of Australian education department and agency links, and recommended resources for educators that align with our best evidence.
  4. Key learning concepts for parents to be effective partners in home supported learning.

Necessarily, these pages are limited to begin with. E4L aims to add new knowledge and insights as quickly as possible so please check back regularly and provide feedback.