2024 School Exemption Certificate

Edited on January 23, 2024

The ACT Education Act 2004 requires all children and young people aged 6 to 17, living in the ACT be to be enrolled and attending school fulltime or to be registered with Home Education except when an approved Exemption Certificate is in place. The Director General of Education’s Delegate has responsibility for approving Exemption Certificates. The Exemptions team within the ACT Education Directorate oversees the process including supporting parents and schools to understand the requirements and responsibilities.

Exemptions are approved in exceptional circumstances including:

  • when a student’s health or well-being precludes them from attending and participating fulltime
  • to enable the young person to access alternative training ( eg CIT), commence an apprenticeship  or employment.

An application for an Exemption Certificate is required as soon as it is evident a student will not be attending school fulltime (whole or part days) for an extended period.